Mahogany Fern
Didymochlaena truncatula

Care advice

Watering guidelines The soil should be kept countinously moist.
Fertilizer suggestions Use Green plant fertilizer (e.g. N14-P6-K8).
Mist requirements Mist every 4 days
Light preferences Prefers half-shady light conditions
Temperature preference Prefers tepid constant temperatures through the whole year (average under 20 °C).
pH range 6.5 - 7.5
Acidity preference loves neutral pH conditions
Toxicity not poisonous


Climate humid subtropical



Other common names Tree Maidenhair Fern, Moon Fern
Family Hypodematiaceae
Other scientific names Didymochlaena lunulata, Adiantum lunulatum, Aspidium truncatulum, Didymochlaena microphylla, Didymochlaena sinuosa


Growth form fern - horsetail
Hardiness USDA 10 (plant tolerates a minimum temperature of -1°C)
Leaf color
  • green